HELAN ہیلاں

HELAN ہیلاں


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Helan is a beauty village of Dstt. Mandi Bahau-ud-Din. It is located in Tehsil Phalia. It is said that Alexander the great constructed this village on his lover’s name Hellan. When Alexander attacked on Gujrat, his lover was with him. Accidentally she died here and buried at vast field. This pasture was battlefield of Alexander and Poras. According to another history Hellan was Alexander’s favorite horse.

There are also few famous ruins near Helan. However, it is difficult to calculate the exact history of these ruins. Few old coins have also been discovered from here. These coins show era of 8 Hijry.
Helan is about 6 Kms. away from main Gujrat – Sargodha Road. A small road goes to Helan from Mano Chak. Mano Chak is used as a junction t go to Helan. There is a great, beautiful and historical Tomb which is 5 Kms away from Mano Chak and 1 Km. from village Helan. This tomb is between Canal and drain rivulet. According to the plank placed on this tomb, Shaikh Ali Baig Ibne Hassan Ali Khan Arab died on 999 AD. Helan was prominent place at that time. It is also said that Moghal King Babar fought here. It is mentioned in Tuzke Janageery that King Akbar came to Helan. He was on his horse and accidentally he fall down and got serious wounds. He took rest here for some time. When he healed from his wounds he did heal bath. Famous poet Faizy presented poetry at that time in which he used term Heal Bath first time.
There was summer house near this historical Tomb. Now this summer house has been demolished. However, few signs of graves are still present. It is amused that this summer house constructed for people who used to look after this place. There are tunnel and a cold place under this building. A grave is also present in this tunnel. Now government has closed this tunnel. But half entrance to this tunnel is still open. In the past many people entered this tunnel along-with their hounds but did not come back. This tunnel is very long with solid brick walls and floor. It is very easy for one person to walk in the tunnel. There are also four tunnels near this main tunnel and under this tomb there are old walls of house still present. According to local people, several stories have been attached to this tomb. There is a big marble plank on this tomb. This plank shows Ayat-ul-Kursi, Kalma Tayyaba and the name of buried person in the tomb. There are two graves on both side of tomb. This old and historical building has four doors and eight windows. Width of walls of this building is 15 to 16 feet. These walls have been decorated with paintings and poetry. There are twenty stairs which lead to upper story of this building. This tomb has huge dome.
An astonish story is told by local people about a tree which is near to this tomb. There is not another tree of this type in this area. According to people, this tree has been grown with milk instead of water. It is 60 feet in length and 16 feet in width. Its fruit is like date and has very sweet taste. On pressing, milk like juice come out from this fruite. Shadow of this tree covers area of 3 Kanals. Now this building has become cadaver. Signs of summer building and garden have also been flatten.

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